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Brandywine Tax Resolution came to my rescue when I had an IRS tax problem. Karim Husain knew the tax law and was able to make a complicated matter very logical and methodical. It was worth using a professional such as Karim and I highly recommend him.

Tax Client, Montgomery County, PA

I contacted Brandywine Tax Resolution to help with a Company payroll tax issue, Karim Husain was instrumental in negotiating a payment plan with the IRS. Later the business failed with more than a 1 million dollar payroll tax liability which the IRS attached to me personally. Karim Husain led me through the process of the filing of an Offer in Compromise. I received notice of approval of the offer and am very pleased with the settlement. Brandywine Tax saved me more than a million dollars of tax liability. Brandywine Tax offered the Offer In Compromise at a reasonable fixed price as well. I would highly recommend Brandywine Tax for these types of complicated Tax issues.

Tax Client, Montgomery County, PA

I contracted Karim Husain after having done business with a national tax legal firm. I found his responses to my communications to be prompt, honest, and clear; I found his assessment of my case to be thorough and informed. He communicated with the IRS on my behalf and produced positive results within a fraction of the time and cost of the national firm. Karim made his process and fee schedule clear and was very easy to do business with. My only regret is that I did not contact him sooner!

Laurie A., Morton, PA

Thank you Karim for handling our IRS and State tax problem. I contacted other attorneys who wanted to charge much more and handle my case in different ways which would not have produced the same positive results. It's a relief to go to my mailbox now and know I'm not going to be receiving threatening letters from IRS or the state. I can't thank you enough!!! So glad we went with you as our attorney. My wife is so relieved.

Tax Client, Delaware County, PA

Brandywine Tax Resolution provided my business with sound advice and counsel in an expedient manner. Karim Husain's expertise, experience, and knowledge of the legal and regulatory issues involving the IRS examination of my business were clearly the edge required towards successfully resolving the audit. I would highly recommend Karim for his professional demeanor and thoughtful approach in understanding the intricacies of my business and how to address the IRS inquiry.

Tax Client, Chester County, PA

Karim P. Husain at Brandywine Tax Resolution helped my family successfully appeal an assessment from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue over a residency issue. From our initial conversation to the final decision, he demonstrated a deep understanding of the appeals process that put our minds at ease. We feel fortunate to have found him and would seek his advice again on other tax matters.

Tax Client, Wayne, PA

Mom lives with us and when the IRS sent her letter for past unpaid taxes my jaw dropped. I could spend the next 20 years understanding tax law. Fortunately, Karim already did that. Experienced and professional, he's deserving of our trust.

Dan C., Parkesburg, PA

I wanted to write to you to express my gratitude to you for handling my trust fund penalty case. Dealing with the IRS is never a quick or clear process, your help was enormously important, I doubt I would have had the positive results that I did without your expert advise and help. Having my current IRS problems resolved and in the past has been a huge relief of stress for me and my family. I hope to never have another difficulty with the IRS but if I do you will be the first one I call.

William G., Glenmoore, PA

Brandywine Tax Resolution helped me successfully resolve a huge issue with the IRS . I would definitely recommend Karim Husain to anyone who is in need of a professional tax attorney to help them resolve issues with the IRS or answer their questions regarding their taxes.

Diane S., Chester County, PA

Brandywine Tax Resolution was quick to respond and met with me within days of my company receiving a large (and growing) fine from the IRS. They were able to research and assist with an abatement, which zeroed out our fine to the IRS. Without their professionalism and quick help my company would have paid a lot of unnecessary fines. I would not hesitate to recommend Brandywine Tax Resolution to anyone facing tax questions, concerns, or penalties.

Lana S., Coatesville, PA

Thank you so much for your help and advice. It is nice to know that there are still people out there that are kind and not always driven by the dollar.

Judith R., Manasquan, NJ

Wow, thanks!

Sy W., Philadelphia, PA

Thank God for good lawyers!

Mary A., Kingman, AZ

I hired Karim in 2011 to help resolve a serious tax problem that I had with IRS. Through Karim's efforts, the IRS agreed to substantially reduce my tax obligation from the amount they originally wanted me to pay, and my tax problem was completely resolved. Karim worked hard and did a great job for me, and I highly recommend him to anyone who has a federal or state tax problem.

Tax Client, West Chester, PA

Karim Husain, from Brandywine Tax Resolution, has been wonderful in helping me with my tax issues! I was so upset and in desperate need of help to reach a resolution with the IRS. After spending too much time dealing with the IRS representatives only to be left feeling unsuccessful and frustrated, I searched for help and found Karim. Since then, the process has been much more tolerable. Karim took the time to evaluate my situation and help me to work on a resolution to my IRS issues. He has helped me so much by guiding me through the steps of what I needed to do and letting me know how he can assist me. I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer!

Tax Client, West Grove, PA

My tax situation was a shambles due to poor management on my part, I owed the IRS back taxes plus the penalty and interest which amounted to thousands of dollars. The IRS had also started proceedings to garnish my wages, after contacting Mr. Husain he got the IRS to stop all action against me, reduce the amount I owed them and worked out a payment plan that was comfortable for my family and I. Mr. Husain did a great job for me!

V. Campbell, Philadelphia, PA

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